What Are the Different Types of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process of marketing a business online.

Within the broad term of digital marketing, there are various specific types of marketing that are used to achieve the goals identified in overall digital marketing strategies.

Used collectively as needed, digital marketing management firms can gain the most success with any digital marketing campaign for their business customers.

  • Website Marketing - The first step in every digital marketing campaign is having a website that presents the brand as well as its message and acts as a base for lead generation, business contact, and all other types of marketing. 
  • PPC Advertising - Pay-per-click advertising is a direct form of digital marketing that involves paying for exposure on various websites and platforms. 
  • Email Marketing - One of the most effective digital marketing strategies available involves building an opt-in email list, then sending continuous marketing emails and other information to those lists.
  • Social Media Marketing - Marketing using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms can also be effective, as it helps companies establish their brand awareness and engage with followers and potential customers. 
  • Content Marketing - Content marketing is done in conjunction with website, email, social media, text, and video marketing. It involves the creation of valuable content intended for the desired audience, then publishing it using those other methods to generate interest and attract viewers back to the website. 
  • Text Marketing - Marketing using SMS texting is like email marketing, except links to content are sent via text message. 
  • Video Marketing - Another highly effective technique used in successful digital marketing strategies is video marketing, which appeals to many people for its informative and entertainment value because of the popularity of YouTube and other video platforms. 
  • Affiliate Marketing - One of the oldest types of marketing, affiliate marketing involves partnering with other businesses and influencers who share information about a company’s products with their own audiences, usually for a fee or a percentage of the sales made.

With so many types of online marketing, it is no wonder that the best campaigns require skilled digital marketing management.

Though not every business will utilize all the techniques mentioned above, those that do will see how they work collectively to bring in more leads and create more sales.

From the creation of effective digital marketing strategies to the execution of these main types of marketing to achieve promotional goals, any business can succeed with these techniques when they work with an experienced digital marketing management firm!