Helpful Ideas for Digital Marketing for Roofers Beyond Basic SEO!

The idea that understanding and utilizing good SEO is essential for digital marketing strategies is one that every business owner has surely heard time and time again.

It is a component of nearly every digital marketing campaign since SEO is a basic, base-level marketing strategy.

Yet it is not the only strategy that roofers digital marketing should pay attention to.

These are some less-obvious, often overlooked ideas that can improve digital marketing for roof companies and yes, they can even help to improve SEO, too!

  • Collect and Manage Online Reviews - Word-of-mouth advertising is some of the most powerful advertising out there today. Noting this, any effort for roofers digital marketing should invest time into collecting reviews on their website and online directory listings and manage them well. Let other customers create new customers via their positive reviews and when there are complaints, dealing with them in a positive manner can also gain customers. 
  • Start A Referral Program - A referral program that encourages pleased customers to bring in new customers is a win-win strategy for everyone involved. 
  • Be Active on Social Media - Social media has become a critical part of digital marketing for roof companies as there are so many potential customers there to market to. Create social profiles, be active with them, and learn to optimize postings and advertising so it is shown to users in the same community that are looking for roofing services.
  • Connect on LinkedIn - Roofing companies can find work among other business owners in their communities through professional listings on LinkedIn. 
  • Invest in Content Marketing - Website blogs are an important resource for attracting views through organic search and having interesting and valuable information to circulate via social media accounts. Content marketing using content like blog posts, informational videos, infographics, and other content are essential for generating interest and bringing in more roofing leads. 
  • Attract Customers with Seasonal Specials - Publicizing promotions like seasonal specials and similar discounts is one more digital marketing for roof companies strategy that can bring in new customers and keep a roofing company busy. They are also a great way to drum up new business during slow periods, such as during the winter, by offering good deals on maintenance tasks and other services that homeowners might be prompted to take advantage of.

Digital marketing for roofers is an essential need for every contractor looking to compete in a crowded local business market.

While SEO sits at the base of most other roofers digital marketing strategies, there are other important ways to attract more customers, too.

Smart roofers should include these methods in their overall digital marketing for roofers!