What Are The Top 5 Lead Generation Methods for Roofers?

In terms of lead generation, every business owner needs to utilize the methods that will be the most effective for them to get the best ROI.

While there are countless lead generation strategies that roofing contractors can use in their marketing plans, some will be more fruitful than others.

Roofers should include as many techniques as possible in their diverse lead generation marketing plan but when starting out, these are the top 5 that will help them hit the ground running.

  1. SEO - On-site search engine optimization and off-site search engine marketing are the two main lead generation strategies on which all other digital marketing efforts are based. To succeed in others, roofers should invest in good SEO services to help them improve their websites and directory listings, then boost their exposure with PPC marketing that can bring about faster marketing results. 
  2. Google Business and Google Maps - A key element for lead generation marketing is to claim and fill out the company’s listing on Google Business, then use that along with good SEO efforts to capture a spot on the Google Maps 3-pack. This form of local SEO marketing will spread business awareness within a contractor’s local service areas and bring in more high-quality leads. 
  3. Social Media Marketing - Ads on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are great ways to get ads shown to customers searching within a company’s service area.  
  4. Email Marketing - Opt-in email marketing campaigns are another highly effective way to contact potential customers who are looking for services, then keep them in a marketing funnel endlessly until they eventually buy. 
  5. Offline Campaigns - For roofers and similar service-oriented businesses, offline lead generation strategies like neighborhood canvassing, attending local trade shows, and direct mail advertising are also effective for attracting customers within those communities. While these types of offline campaigns are definitely more traditional, they can also work seamlessly in conjunction with online lead generation strategies to create greater brand awareness and recognition, and build a positive brand reputation within the community. 

Like every other business, roofing companies need a great lead generation strategy to bring in more and better leads and help the business grow.

Using the above lead generation techniques, roofers can develop a workable marketing plan that brings in leads from multiple sources and keeps their work schedule full.

Combined, these lead generation techniques can collectively help any local roofer get the exposure they need in their specific service areas and bring in more customers!